Saturday, January 30, 2016

We do need some magic (sketch friday mode ON ) ;-) just in english for now, you have to translate

Hello world!
A bit late this week and still thinking hard to the use of this blog which I don't wanna be "just" the umpteenth social media. Thinking about re-looking and managing the pages differently but really little time to have it all done.
I was really in a bad bad mood this morning. I'm trying to accept bad moments, life beeing up and down and in fact we don't have control on anything really. It doesn't sound such a big thing sayng this...but since it tootk me around 40 years to get REALLY to this, well, let me enjoy it!
The only truth is in what we really feel when we are ourself which for me is really much related to when I draw or paint. This is  what defines me.
And I did find this feeling , this sens of fulfillment in motherhood as well.
And a some point I realy did love myself for a very little while. Really. It doesn't happens often even if I quite always have a good consideration of myself the most of the time. But really LOVE feels like magic. And this, ladies and gentlmena it was when this painting has born!

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"We do need some magic" - 29th of january 2016

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