My name is Gioia (Joy) Albano.
I'm an italian artist living with my family in south of France.
I was born as an artist but my life wasn't always that straight about it.
Picasso said once : "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." This resume quite well my life path.
Despite having an art degrees I did many pay-bills jobs which includes almost ten years in IT.
I was lucky enought to live in few place after Italy such as Isle of man (Uk), Denmark and France.
I don't regret any of these experiences but in a corner of my headh there was always this little voce reminding me that I left something behind and that something was still there beside all.
Then in november 2006 I became a mum.
And few months later, despite being very busy with a new born first child the creative power of motherhood spoke, very loud this time, a kind of : "Now or never"
So I started painting again without really knowing where I was going (thanks also to my hubby that offered me easels as a present at least a couple of time)
Few years, three children and many paintings after I'm still painting and with the wisdom that I'm sure is part of the gift of getting older I'm more and more convinced that this is the path that I'm suppose to walk in this life despite the fact that sometimes I realise it's not an easy choice.
I'm married to my art, as we say, for the good and the bad .

When I started to paint again motherhood bursted out from my brush without really deciding it, as well as my stylised "closed eyes faces".
I suppose it was quite natural for me because the experience that I was living.
Painting on motherhood brings me closer to my inner self, to the pure love and to the growing in experience and wisdom without limitation and this I think it's what we are suppose to do in this world despite our personal life choices (work, family and so on) and despite the fact that the world is often crazy!
My simple faces may recall this as well and became a sort of signature.
With really little details but full of essential, they can talk a whole world of feelings.
Colors are really important in this process of expressing feelings.
Motherhood in many aspects is a continuity for me since women have always been in my artistic world my favourite topic.
"Mama of three children and many paintings".
Children will grow up and as differents human being will walk away from parents (hopefully not too far and too long!).
Each of my artwoks travelling in the world (that quite probably I won't see ever again) will bring a unique and vibrant piece of my soul in another human being's life.


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