Art projects : 365 ACEO

ACEO is the acronyme for : Art Card, Editions and Originals.
They are cousins of ATC's or Art Trading Cards which the only goal is to be trade when actually ACEO can be sold.
Is a fantastic way to create a precious and affordable collection of original artworks and the choice are possibly endless.
The official and unique standard size is  2.5 x 3.5 inches (in cm 6.3 x 8.8) which is the size of the original american baseball trading cards where actually the ACEO's origin come from.
Already at our days some ACEO's from popular artists go for a goodly price.

In 2013 I made a "365 aceo project", one aceo for each day for one year.
It has been a challenge both in creative and personal way but I made it and it has been great for people that have been able to know my work which was one of the main goal for this project.
If you want see my 365 album go on my fb page here.

I still enjoy working on this format, my aceo cards are now spread worldwide !


  1. J'aime, et je veux en voir encore!!!

    1. Merciiiiiiiiiiiii!
      AU moins un tous les jours, promis ;-)

  2. Hi, this is Diane Strong. You reviewed my book, Out and Back, about 4 years ago and made a painting titled 'The Run'

    I am wondering if you still have the painting and if yes, is it for sale?
    You can email me at