Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saving money and the environment in oil painting

Hi there, just wanted to write this down today.

I love oil colors, have been using this for a long time but I discovered just few years ago that you can actually save turpentine and use the same stock for quite a while before throw it away.

Turpentine is a diluent and also cleans brushes when you work with oil colors in painting.
You cannot really avoid it, even if in the last few years a lot of similar product have been on the market , odorless maybe but not less toxic and quite often really expansive!

Don't get me wrong, at some point you need to take a trip to a special trash collection point to get rid of this but still...

Simply you take few glass recipient with you. 
When you finish your work session and cleaned your stuff you leave the turpentine alone.
Few hours later you'll see that the liquid on the top is clear and the sediment are down in the bottom.
Then you SLOWLY pass the clear liquid in a new recipient and leave in the first one just the sediment.
You can use the liquid that you collect in the second recipient like a new one.

You can keep a special glass recipient with a lid just to stock the turpentine until you'll bring it to the trash collector.

I hope it helps,


  1. t'as meme un barbapapa sur ton bureau j'adore!!!

    je ne connaissais pas cette astuce, bon je n'ai pas de therbentine a la maison en meme temps...

    1. Coucou!!! au fait le rose etait cassé et il est passé à la poubelle :-(, par contre j'ai encore celui noir avec les poils que je ne sais pas comment s'appelle en français..le peintre quoi! ;-)