Thursday, November 8, 2012

How did/do you stay active during pregnancy (from twitter)

Question today on twitter from @fprmotherhood (, one member that I follow.
"How did/do you stay active during pregnancy?"

I must say that in all my three pregnancy the worse of it was coping with morning sickness...knowing that actually it was the whole day not just in the morning and they got worse a each pregnancy.

First pregnancy : I didn't do that much. I was still working in a office and I was leaving in Denmark. So a little bike (there you can easily bike everywhere!) and some pilates in the end when I got in maternity leave.

Second pregnancy (still in Denmark) : I had a two years old girl keeping me busy...and we were renting at a third floor without lift almost until the end of the pregnancy (then we changed appartment so put doing boxes and a moving as well ;-))
I biked a lot with the two years old in the back of my seat ....that has been usefull since I putted on less weight than first time.

Third pregnancy : more sickness and harder (the whole 9 months argh!!), more children (at the time 4 years old and 2 years old) to keep me busy, less weight putted on ;-)...and basically that was it. And yes, a bit of a walk, south of France is very good for that. It has been the pregnancy where I putted less weight on, of course.

I definitly could use some yoga but honestly it was impossible just to find the time to do all since I also kept the painting going on.

So my recipe would be : having already children (if is your first pregnancy you can borrow one or two from relatives/friends ;-) ), walking, biking if you leave in a place where you can do it safely and some gentle exercise (yoga,pilates or others) if you can.

Take care!

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