Monday, November 12, 2012

Co sleeping family

Hi !

This is an hot topic! ;-)

This pic was on the FB wall of an italian friend few days ago and it made me laugh , so I did some translation because it really resume what I think about this and what you can answer the doctor (and some others people that surely exist in your life) if you co sleeps with your children.

Of course every one does wherever he/she wants....for me co sleeping was a life saver, at the third child in almost 6 years I would be sleep dead  if I didn't find this solution!

And no, they really go to sleep in their bed at some point!
And no, they won't be sleeping with you when they'll be eighteen!
And no, you're not creating some dysfunctional human being!
And.......(fill the blank)......

 One of my favourite topic in painting too...

"Il dolce sonno" (Sweet sleeping) - 2007 - sold

The co sleepers  - 2009 - sold

Blue co dodo (Blue Co Sleeping) - 2011 - sold

Doux dodo (Sweet sleeping) - 2012 - Painting on paper - available

On you - 2012 - Painting on paper - available

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Nighttime Fatherhood - 2012 - painting on paper - sold


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