Friday, November 16, 2012

Introducing my painting "Woman of sword"

Hi there!

I'd like the idea to tell you a bit more about my paintings and the story behind them.
This one is called "Woman of swords" but the real title is in italian "Donna di spade".

Woman of sword - Donna di spade cm 50x61

I painted this in june 2008 when i was leaving in wonderful Copenhagen (or København, Denmark)

At that time I liked  to paint in a sort of monochromatic way. I choosed blue for this one because it kind of reminded me about the sword's blade.
Now, this artwork has a double story with him.

First :
the "Woman of sword" is born as part of a collection of four paintings inspired to the italian playing cards from Naple.
There are four suits : swords (spade), cups( coppe), money (denari/coins), bastoni (clubs).
In the original card she doesn't look so warrior but then it cames artistic interpretation, I liked to paint her like a combative woman (of cours not all combatives women need a real sword ;-))

Second :
This  painting was lost for few months in 2010 because a fake exhibition supposedly hold in Senegal (At the time I did a FB page about it but this shame cheating "festival" is still on the web, artists watch out!).
It was back with others 3 paintings after almost 5 months.
In the end I was really lucky but  during the period it was lost I felt really bad.Now I'm much more carefull!

What this painting inspire to you? You're welcome to leave a comment!

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