Friday, December 7, 2012

#Twitterartexhibit LA 2013 a great project

My postcards paintings "#Loving family of four" and "#Nighttime breastfeeding" are arrived safely in Los Angeles for the third #Twitter Art Exhibition 2013 and I honestly couldn't be more happier, I hate when my artworks travel even if I do my best for them to get safe to wherever destination, still....

Loving Family of four - 2012

Nighttime breastfeeding - 2012

This exhibition is the result of some wonderful idea and lots of work from artist David Sandum (@DavidSandumArt), from Moss in Norway and others artist (and not just) that joined him in this project.
In the Organizing Board and on #twitter you'll find also Robin Maria Pedrero (@robinpedrero) , Christian Karlsson (@svorsk), Ryan Seslow (@ryanseslow) and Nat George (@natgeorgela)

The exhibition's goal: help charities and not for profit organizations around the world.
2013 will be the third edition and I must say I'm really proud to be part of it!
I truly admire the idea of course but also the huge amount of work that this rapresents.
I did years of volunteer in my past and I kind of know what does it means....congratulations guys!

Artists on twitter are sending postcard size paintings with diverse subjects and styles to the exhibition from all around the world.  
All these artworks will be on a wall at EU Gallery in Chinatown's Arts District in Los Angeles and sold for charity. 
The money raised will go to EU Art Division helping underserved youths 18-25.
For what I can see on the official web site there is a lot of high quality art for a hig quality project.
I wish I could be able to go there personally but maybe another year.

If you're an artist and still want take part to this project read the call for artist page.
Submission deadline is Friday, January 4, 2013. Don’t miss the deadline due to holiday postal delays!

Enjoy the art!

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