Monday, December 3, 2012

More freedom with three child !

Ok, I admit I'm beeing a bit provocative here ;-) but even so I'm not completly crazy yet!

As a mama artist with 3 young child every time that during the day I'm sitting to the PC one of them (sometimes two, sometimes all three) is in the urgent need of something that goes from breastfeeding to "............." (fill the blank with wherever it comes to your mind)
It easily gets worse if I'm on the phone. Never mind painting during the day.....

Which is why usually I'm working at night and for the moment I'm really faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away to get all I want to do actually done (still talking art, not cleaning house or others funny stuff like that....)


Between the many fantastic things about being a mum there is one which I really wanted mention.
To resume it would be "how we get more relaxed from the first to the third child".
Don't get me wrong, I've got my really bad moments and I also fighted depression, but still I growed so much thanks to them and because of them. My first daughter even pushed me back to paint!

With the first child (girl) I falled in love as soon as she was on my belly. It was a strong feeling, overwhelming and powerfull. AT that precise moment I became a MOTHER. And this is unique!
She absorbed me completely and I enjoyed that but I was soooooooo stressed about routine, sleeping (she was really hard to put to sleep), I was soooooooooooo concerned about "what people says" on :
sleeping, breastfeeding, baby wearing etc etc etc that I was stressed and it toke me a while to really do what I wanted to do. I use to say that the first child gets maybe more complete attention from both parents...but also all the aspectations and the stress of parenthood learning poor thing!

Then my second child (a boy) came. Never mind pregnancy, I was busy with the first two years old.
So busy with her that he was almost born in the cab going to the hospital....
Because this birth was so peculiar it toke me few hours to have the real bound, I suppose that in some way I had to digest what did happend but then it was once again love.
But I enjoyed sooooooooooooo much not be stressed or concerned about what I was doing.
This was a kind of big surprise for me and it did definitly help through some tough moments we had that year.
And is still true today, the experience helps, even if they're all different child and that's a main fact, of course!

We are now at the third one (girl again)....I almost feel, sometimes, a "lack" of stress which is quite funny for me I must say.
Don't get me wrong, she's mothered, and growing up and she's getting "education" accordingwith her age....but for a lots of thing she just follows the flow and sometimes I found myself just letting things go and it feels so right that I miss not having did the same with my first one.

I suppose that's life.It does feel nice. In some way I more free my self, free to be just a mum and not worring so much all the time.

I'm curious to know others mum's experience about it, don't be shy, the more childs the more to say!

xxx Gioia


  1. D'abord, j'adore le design de ton blog!! wahou, tes peintures! Ensuite, pour l'expérience, en ce moment je suis juste épuisée, je voudrais faire tant, et je n'ai jamais le temps de rien (à part FB!!!)... Alors je reviendrai quand j'aurai plus d'énergie!

    1. ;-))))))))))))))) Je compte sur toi, et tiens serait aussi bien de se voir un jour! 2013? bisous!

  2. I do find that I have a far more laid-back approach to parenting with my third child. Don't get me wrong--there are many days where I wish for just a few more hours in the day...or at least a few more arms on my body. :) But I think that there is a confidence and self-assurance that goes along with being a mother the third time over.

    1. Hi Kristen! Thank you for your comment! I know ans share all these feelings very well ;-)

  3. Je suis complètement d'accord. Maintenant, on verra ce que ça donne quand le quatrième pointera le bout de son nez...